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Bid & Proposal Con Boston

Photo from networking mealMay 25—28, 2016
Boston Sheraton

Attendance: 873

Highest attendance to date!

88% APMP Members; 12% Non-members

Twenty-five of 26 chapters represented

Twenty countries represented - Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Unites States, Venezuela, South Africa

The Program
View the schedule with complete session descriptions and speaker bios.

Download a PDF of the conference program.

The Photos
View photos from the conference on our Flickr page.

The Presentations
Many of our presenters have generously provided their presentation slides and/or handouts, available at the bottom of this page.

Presentations are listed in alpha order by the presenters' last names. In the case of multiple presenters, names are listed in the order in which they appear in the program (printed and online).

Visit the schedule to review which days and times these presentations occurred.

Also, while each of our IGNITE presentations received significant ovations and positive reviews, Randy Richter's "What Would Unk Do" was captured from the audience and is available online.

The Awards
See our award winners from the APMP Celebration of the Industry Dinner.

2016 Annual Conference Presentations

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On-screen presentations ("slides") from the sessions at Bid & Proposal Con Boston in 2016.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Lewellen-Women in Industry: Challenges, Milestones PPT (6.96 MB) Administration 6/20/2016
Lindholm;Benlemlih-How to Design a Black Hat Works PPT (2.59 MB) Administration 6/7/2016
Lownie-Proposal Professionals' Declaration of Inde PDF (1.23 MB) Administration 6/7/2016
Marchel;Birkbeck;Magriplis-Making Design a Descrim PDF (10.59 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
Mascia;Moritz-Ready to Jump Off Freelance Cliff? PPT (19.19 MB) Administration 6/16/2016
Mathews;Sularz-Plan to Win: Commercial Proposal PPT (5.55 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
Mazza-Top Lessons from TV and Movies PDF (1.55 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
Morton-World Domination: Art of Successful Capture PPT (3.24 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
Parkinson;Jolly-Power of Persuasion (presentation) PDF (1.68 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
Parkinson;Jolly-Power of Persuasion (handout) PDF (227.04 KB) Administration 6/2/2016
Quigley-APBs of Persuasive Proposal Writing PPT (4.35 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
Reed-Data Call Approach (presentation) PPT (1.37 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
Reed-Data Call Approach (handout) PDF (305.57 KB) Administration 6/2/2016
Richter,C-$#!% My Father Taught Me PPT (12.44 MB) Administration 6/16/2016
Richter,R-What Would Unk Do? (IGNITE) PPTX (18.06 MB) Administration 6/16/2016
Richter,R-Why Insurgents Win PPT (16.92 MB) Administration 6/16/2016
Roberts-Surviving the Death March: Stress Manageme PDF (4.1 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
Sant,C-Instant Oodles:How to Increase Win Rate PPT (6.35 MB) Administration 6/7/2016
Sant,C-Irrefutable Evidence...Persuasive Proposals PPT (6.31 MB) Administration 6/7/2016
Sant,C-Persuasive Power from the Courtroom PPT (10.27 MB) Administration 6/7/2016
Sant,T-Four Domains of Value PDF (3.65 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
Sant,T-Re-engineering the Engineering Proposal PDF (3.01 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
Scogin-If It's Broke Fix It! Ensuring High Quality PPT (7.33 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
Simmons-Only Proposal Development Secret You Need PDF (1.63 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
Sotolongo;Mills-The Walking Capture PDF (3.35 MB) Administration 6/16/2016
Walsh-Prep and Practice: Keys to Success at Orals PDF (1.51 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
Williams-Machiavelli's Guide to Proposals PDF (707.31 KB) Administration 6/2/2016
Wingate-Hashtags, Mentions, Endorsements PDF (3.6 MB) Administration 6/3/2016
Wingate-Hashtags, Mentions, Endorsements (handout) PDF (155.51 KB) Administration 6/3/2016
Wurzer; Schaller-Customer Service or Servant PDF (1.19 MB) Administration 6/2/2016
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