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RFP & Proposal Software Offered by APMP Members
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Expedience Software

Expedience RFP and Proposal Software helps create beautiful proposals and responses to RFPs, quickly and easily. The implementation is completely developed and contained within Microsoft Word with no outside software beyond Word's native components and structures. Expedience Proposal Software is easy-to-use for creation of proposals and RFP responses – never leaving the familiar Microsoft environment. Expedience offers solutions for Excel RFPs and PowerPoint and provides the powerful Assembler for PDQs (Proposals Done Quickly) that sales teams use to quickly create on-demand proposals. { Purchase Product }
  The New Way to Manage Your CVs and Case Studies

Easily manage and tailor your company’s credentials for tenders Quickly highlight the most relevant experience for each bid and proposal Effortlessly export CVs and Case Studies to Word, PowerPoint and PDF. { View More Information / Purchase }

Ideagen PleaseReview helps review teams create better quality proposals more quickly, with a secure, scalable solution for real-time document co-authoring and review that’s proven to cut review times by more than 50%, cut costs by 35% and more. PleaseReview is simple and intuitive to use software that provides a controlled, web-based environment for managing all aspects of document collaboration, including comment and change reconciliation and reporting across teams, technologies and time zones. { View More Information / Purchase }

APMP Members: Privia offers APMP discounts on all pricing option programs.
Capture and proposal management is a resource intensive part of the business development process. Managing the process from opportunity through submitting a quality proposal is a difficult task, with many moving parts. Despite the cost and effort required, however, capture and proposal management is critical to maintaining and growing your business. When it comes to your success and bottom line, you invest a considerable portion of your budget in to managing this process. With Privia’s intuitive, best practice capture and proposal management tool set and consulting services you can save time, reduce cost and improve quality. { View Products }
Qorus Breeze Proposals
APMP Member Price: 10% off your 1st Annual Subscription
APMP Members are invited to make the switch to better proposal generation and RFP collaboration. If your current method is time-consuming, expensive, or in inflexible, the Qorus Breeze Proposals APMP Member offer will help!

Qorus Breeze Proposals is a powerful piece of software designed to help businesses create superb pitches, proposals and RFP responses, while integrating with CRM and streamlining the entire process. The solution uses all the Microsoft technology that people already know and love. It has intuitive plug-ins for Word, PowerPoint and Excel, uses SharePoint as a content library, and the cloud version is hosted in Azure. {View Product}

RFPIO’s cloud-based software helps streamline proposal management efforts in the RFP response process. The trusted solution automates the import and export functions, centralizes content for proposals and security questionnaires, and facilitates collaboration among key stakeholders. At the heart of the user-friendly application is RFPIO’s dynamic answer library enhanced by an intelligent recommendation engine, that provides centralized content and a collaboration hub. Bi-directional integrations with many popular technologies, along with an open API, allow teams to connect instantly to people and content. Reports and dashboards give clear visibility into the full cycle of the RFP process—including project status and progress, and analytics for actionable insights. { View More Information / Purchase Product }

Qvidian RFP and Proposal Automation

Upland Qvidian is a premier cloud-based RFP and sales proposal automation solution, helping more than 1,000 companies worldwide win more business with better processes, improve productivity, and build more effective sales documents. Qvidian offers the only proposal automation solution fit for an enterprise, offering security, compliance and simplicity at scale. Passionate about helping clients build persuasive sales content and win more business, Qvidian also offers expert advisory services and community building opportunities to its global client base. { View More Information } { Request a Demo }

  Virtual Proposal Center (VPC)
VPC is a collaborative, browser-based application enabling a geographically dispersed, multi-partner proposal team to have a common work center with access to the tools and information needed to create successful proposals. VPC is above all easy to use, secure, and flexible. Intuitive document, workflow and configuration management features, combined with a powerful search tool, make VPC an indispensable part of the proposal development process. With VPC you can benefit from the combined wisdom of tens of thousands of users whose suggestions and enhancement requests have been driving Intravation’s product development since VPC was first released in 1998. { Contact Us for a Quote }
Workiva Wdesk
Organizations are looking to create compelling, winning proposals with less time, money, and resources. Wdesk is a powerful cloud platform that facilitates the creation of wining proposals by closing the gap between content authors across management, technical and pricing volumes. The platform enables increased productivity for proposal teams to collaborate on the development of proposal content, facilitate effective color reviews, and publish compelling proposals. { View / Purchase Product }

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