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Expedience Software
Author License: $1,495/year (includes Content Portfolio, with unlimited content ribbons, and Style Palette)

Reader License: $395/year (Volume discounts available.)
One-time implementation fee: $3,600

Expedience RFP and Proposal software helps create beautiful proposals and responses to RFPs, quickly and easily. The implementation is completely developed and contained within Microsoft Word with no outside software beyond Word's native components and structures. { Purchase Product }


Get My Graphic
Retail Price:
$19.80 and up
APMP Member Price:
$17.82 and up Save $10!

Do you need professional graphics now? Go to and download over 7,000 proposal graphics. All graphics are Microsoft Office native and editable in PowerPoint (2007 or newer). Graphics can be exported for use in any software.
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NXPowerLite Desktop Edition
Retail Price:
APMP Member Price:

NXPowerLite reduces PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and JPEG files to an easy-to-email size, even if they can’t be zipped. { Purchase Product }

NXPowerLite for PowerPoint (Mac)
Retail Price:
APMP Member Price:

NXPowerLite reduces PowerPoint files to an easy-to-email size, even if they can’t be zipped.
{ Purchase Product }

Retail Price: Pricing starts at only $25 USD per user, per month and drops with quantity (minimum user numbers apply)

PleaseReview improves proposal reviews by enabling documents to be co-authored and reviewed by multiple participants—saving critical hours in the production of effective proposals. { View More Information and Purchase }
Proposal Pro

Proposal PRO by SAVO
APMP Member Price: $30/user per month

There is a better way. Proposal Pro guides sales reps through the process of creating a customized proposal - even from or a mobile device – using pre-approved content that is on message and brand-compliant. Best of all, the process can be completely automated – saving time and resources. { View Demo Video } { Contact an Account Executive }

Qorus Breeze Proposals
APMP Member Price: 10% off your 1st Annual Subscription

APMP Members are invited to make the switch to better proposal generation and RFP collaboration. If your current method is time-consuming, expensive, or in inflexible, the Qorus Breeze Proposals APMP Member offer will help!

Qorus Breeze Proposals is a powerful piece of software designed to help businesses create superb pitches, proposals and RFP responses, while integrating with CRM and streamlining the entire process. The solution uses all the Microsoft technology that people already know and love. It has intuitive plug-ins for Word, PowerPoint and Excel, uses SharePoint as a content library, and the cloud version is hosted in Azure.

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APMP Member Price: $20/user per month

Completing an RFP response takes time. Especially, when the materials you need are scattered through-out the organization in different departments or locations. RFP Pro automates the entire RFP response process to avoid duplication of efforts, working within Microsoft Office to ensure materials are always up-to-date, brand compliant and look professional. {View Demo Video} {Contact an Account Executive}

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